The Julio Larraz Foundation is a non-profit organization created for and committed to preserving, promoting and transmitting the artistic and conceptual legacy of Julio Larraz. Established in 2019 by the Larraz family, it is an effort to safeguard the future of the artist’s work.  The work of Julio Larraz has always been a creation of his incredible imagination and talent and his unwillingness to have his artistic freedom governed or altered. Larraz’s steadfast and lifelong endeavor has been to tell the story he wants to tell: “Freedom, …the most important thing in Art”. 

Our Vision
  The vision of the Julio Larraz Foundation is to make the artist’s lifetime of work available for future generations, not only to enjoy but as a way to appreciate his incredible technique and use of color. Julio Larraz’s hope in donating over 200 paintings and water colors to the foundation is to allow his work to inspire and encourage young people to embrace unconventional thinking, chase their visions and dreams, stimulate their ability to explore their imagination, and to explore the “Kingdom We Carry Inside”.

Our Mission
   The central mission of the Julio Larraz Foundation is the preservation of the artist’s Legacy by protecting his work.  This includes the verification and accuracy of the information distributed about the artist as well as the protection of his images with regard to copyright.  Our intention is to assemble an extensive collection of the artist’s work that accurately depicts the different styles, eras, and most importantly the extremely vast collection of subjects and narratives. 

   The Julio Larraz Foundation is the embodiment of a comprehensive and cohesive representation of Julio Larraz’s life’s work. It endeavors to ensure the continued existence of his work and creativity on an international scale through the dissemination of his art, his metaphorical concepts, and the narratives within.  Our Collection, which includes over two hundred works of art, donated by the artist, is available on loan to exhibitions. The Julio Larraz Foundation is the officially recognized producer of the artist’s Catalogue Raisonné.

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